Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Technology & Healthcare- Sailing in one boat

Last year was a good time to reflect back on healthcare innovations, major drug approvals, and 
frankly, things that could have possibly gone a tad bit better. From advances in hepatitis C virus treatments, to over-the-counter availability of emergency contraception, the year had lots of positive healthcare hits. Most important, and most gratifying for many patients, are the new drug approvals made by the FDA in 2013. These new medications open healthcare options forpatients that range from increased adherence due to easier dosing regimens, to extending survival time for patients with metastatic cancer, to a viral cure of a liver-robbing disease.
Now a day there are Mobile applications developed by healthcare professional to cater the need of users who are facing issues related to healthcare. One of the biggest challenges that any one faces is the availability of medicine on time. There are numerous free medical apps for iPhones, iPads, and android smartphones which fall into many categories of medical applications.  One of the leading mobile healthcare applications is Medixpress. Medixpress- An online pharmacy application helps you save your prescription, upload prescription and order online medicine at a one click or refill the medicine any time you require. But there are many challenges faced for this online pharmacy application, to mention few of them are as described below.
Challenges in selling medicine online?
Selling healthcare products online is one thing but selling medicines is quite another. As pointed out, some of the problems with selling medicines online are

  •   Payment gateways do not allow surgical items or medicines
  • Antiquated laws do not state whether we can sell or not sell medicines online. A pharmacy license is needed.
  •  Medicines are not standardized.
  • Other than over the counter drugs, no medicine can be sold without prescription.
  • Couriers do not accept some medicines since they are liquids or need special packaging considerations.

Medixpress has overcome all this issues and provides all facility with all legal formalities. Medixpress provides 10% discount on online medicines order. Medixpress also offers a discount of 12.2% for diabetic patient’s medicine. Medixpress is available on all android Smartphone’s, Iphone’s and Ipad’s. Medixpress is easy to download from Google play store at free of cost. It’s one of the leading healthcare mobile applications in India. Other than providing online pharmacy, it also provides other healthcare related services like free home delivery of medicine, free blood collection sample from home, sharing of app which will give you an coupon worth of 50/- to 200/-, doctors appointment, saving your medical records, etc.
Make use of Internet when the world is getting addicted to technology more and more. Hence healthcare has joined its hands with technology to take care of you. Get tuned with Medixpress and avail healthcare benefits at your fingertips.

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