Thursday, 18 June 2015

Technology, in simple words, is the practical application of science. It is a real boon!! Everything is made faster, smaller in size and Eco-friendly through it. ‘Medixpress’ one click Healthcare provider is one of its components  

From scheduling Doctor's appointment to ordering medicines at your doorstep, form getting pathology tests done at your home to getting test reports in your phone, managing medical records to setting pill reminders all in one application

Medixpress provides following services
·         Online Pharmacyones you have our application downloaded medicines will be just a click away. You would not have to take out time from your busy and hectic schedule whereas you can order medicines sitting anywhere.
·         Lab Test- Difficult finding pathology test centers? No time for getting lab tests done? Get pathology tests (Lab tests) done from home. Medixpress provides home check up diagnostic services throughout the city and where test reports could be accessed from Medixpress application. This is time saving cost saving and a more comfortable method of getting it done.
·         Doctor’s Appointment- No more waiting in long queues, no more waiting for days to get a doctor's appointment Medixpress is here to fix an appointment for you that saves you time and physical efforts.
·         Medical Records- A very important data base which could be difficult to manage is now become easily manageable through Medixpress application where you can effortlessly store and access your medical records.
·         Pill Reminder-Busy schedule or poor memory, pill reminder is here to take care of your medicine doses which could be the most vital intakes of your life

The bridge between your health & time is now sorted with help of Medixpress. 
Download Medixpress application and get free home delivery on medicines and get a coupon of Rupees 250/- on sign up. For more details visit our website or call our helpline: 8888988884 

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